2012 Silicon Valley Rally

Presented by Silicon Valley EAA Chapter
Held on 09/23/2012 10am-4pm in Cupertino, CA at

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Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid (pih)

RAV4-EV waiver signing tent for vehicle rides

Barracuda-Lightning Team Electric Motorcycle

Custom Electric Vehicle (EV) conversion

gnarboards.com - Gnarly Electric Skateboards

Custom EV conversion

Custom PbSO4 (lead-acid) EV conversion

Custom Li-ion EV conversion

Electric bicycles

Electric bicycle

Electric bicycle

Robert Schneeveis' robot-pulled Electric Chariot

Bob Schneeveis' Electric wheelbarrow

Utility PG&E rep brought ...

... their VIA Motors eREV pih truck

Tesla Roadster EV

Ford Focus EV

Flat screen consoles now standard in Production EVs and plug-in-hybrids (pih)

Vehicles queued in the Ride area

Tesla Model S EV

GM Chevy Volt pih

Custom PbSO4 (lead-acid) EV conversion

VW Bug EV conversion

VW Bug Li-ion EV conversion

Custom Li-ion EV conversion

Custom EV conversion

EV charging

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[Images archived here as historical documentation. patch images by: Martin Towar, 2012 Patch All Rights Reserved]